Friday, April 11, 2014


I went to my first
prenatal yoga class, and
I loved it so much.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

summer in september

Once Upon a Time,
we got Summer's one year pics taken. 
aka one year and 5 let me rephrase. 
Once Upon a Time,
we got Summer's basically one and a half year pics taken. 
And they turned out sooooooooo good!!!!!
I have always been a bit weary of spending moneys on pictures, but I am so happy I did.
They are SO WORTH IT!! Annnnd, they weren't even that expensive. If you are in the market for some professional photography, I super highly recommend Emma Matheson. She is sweet and her husband is huge and you will just love them!!
There are lots and lots of pics here. And I didn't even add all of them!! So obviously you no need to looky at them all :)

this is my one of my absolute favorites

don't you hate it when you blink? ;)

happy dance!